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I like my workouts the way I like to hear preaching. LOUD!

(From Left to Right): Teen Daughter, Fitness Instructor, Me

The louder, the better. I don’t know about you, but I like when the yelling starts. It’s motivating!

It reminds me of dance drills and grueling rehearsals that aimed at getting our lines and timing flawlessly precise. Here’s a high-five to those intimidatingly vocal instructors: we love you! Keep yelling and we will keep working!


Day One- The “Before” Foto

blog day one-fitness
July 2015. 5ft. 140lbs.

Hello Fitness Partners!

The great part about starting over: STARTING OVER! 🙂 Here is my “day one” foto!

My victory for the day is making it to the Zumba+Sculpt class and having an awesome time with a group of driven ladies and an encouraging instructor (Ms. Camille is on the foto with me).

I learned that fotos are a great method of accountability to track progress and appearance. And I basically need to stop fighting them. My goal is to do a studio class once a week. It fits in my budget and the time is set aside in my schedule. Plus, the energy from the ladies there is motivating!

How do YOU stay accountable? Are you seeing the difference in your progression fotos?