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Talk about the WORKOUT, not the WEIGHT.

I’ve been making this mistake. I noticed my language was closely connected to my motivation.

I will be more mindful to talk about my workout, the fun things I do to stay active. I want to move away from the discouraging language I was using with myself. I would talk about my weight, how dissatisfied I was with the number, the dissatisfaction I had with the look and feel of my body.


How could I improve my body and introduce new activities into my life if I’m unhappy with what I have?

I learned to embrace exactly where I am and what I have, chubb and all. It is only then that I can begin working on my transformation from a place of love instead of disgust. We get involved with things we like. Not with things that repulse us.

Changing my language to talk about the next workout or fitness class is more encouraging and motivating than queasiness I feel when I know my midsection has triumphed over the belt and I feel like a loaf of bread with a string tied around it.

I have a fitness class this week. I will invest my thoughts on how I can become better and how I can challenge myself. I will start from a place of love. This will be my challenge. This will be my focus!


30-Day Squat Challenge: Let’s Try This Again!

My first attempt at the 30-day squat challenge didn’t make it past day 15. But I’m trying it again!

I’m on day 17 and have stayed on task the entire time. What’s the difference? Friends!

A dear friend of mine lives two hours away. I get to see her about twice a year. She recently suggested that we do the squat challenge together.

Every day, i text her my progress. She’ll chime in with hers. The bonus is that I get to text my friend every day and we’re doing something that’s good for us.

The accountability makes a big difference and knowing that she’s in this challenge with me is encouraging.
Aiming to do the full 30-day challenge.

I learned that if something doesn’t work the first time, it just means we can try it again by being better prepared.
The most important thing for me in this challenge is to finish the given set for each day. I try not to put too much pressure on myself and I do short sets throughout the days. I use the squat sets as breaks from the computer and in between tasks around the house.

The best is when I get them all done before I have to go to work. That way, I don’t feel like I have another task hovering over my head all day. But some days, I have to manage the sets throughout the day. I learned how to be more accepting of myself and just getting it done.

Is there a challenge you would try again?