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Talk about the WORKOUT, not the WEIGHT.

I’ve been making this mistake. I noticed my language was closely connected to my motivation.

I will be more mindful to talk about my workout, the fun things I do to stay active. I want to move away from the discouraging language I was using with myself. I would talk about my weight, how dissatisfied I was with the number, the dissatisfaction I had with the look and feel of my body.


How could I improve my body and introduce new activities into my life if I’m unhappy with what I have?

I learned to embrace exactly where I am and what I have, chubb and all. It is only then that I can begin working on my transformation from a place of love instead of disgust. We get involved with things we like. Not with things that repulse us.

Changing my language to talk about the next workout or fitness class is more encouraging and motivating than queasiness I feel when I know my midsection has triumphed over the belt and I feel like a loaf of bread with a string tied around it.

I have a fitness class this week. I will invest my thoughts on how I can become better and how I can challenge myself. I will start from a place of love. This will be my challenge. This will be my focus!


Social snacking – Eating more when with friends

I dared to write all my food intake. A pattern came through that having visitors or being around certain people made me eat more or eat when I’m not hungry.


visits: when someone comes by and the first offer is, “let’s go out to eat.”

weekend events: usually, there’s food. I may not be hungry but I’ll feel compelled to eat it, just because it’s there. I found that this comes from the anxiety that I might not be able to eat at a later time or if I don’t eat now, then I’ll be hungry later.

But I found another question. WHAT INFLUENCES MY MOVEMENT or ACTIVITY?

if i eat with friends, does it work the same way with exercise?

Not necessarily. The 30-day squat challenge was a great start but the sets were completed on my own. The accountability to another person was helpful though.

I do thrive in class settings so getting to a group environment would help me.

The pressure of feeling like i don’t have enough time will curb how i invest in my walks, challenges and rest. I found that I do best when I don’t feel rushed.

Writing down what I ate reminded me that I need to take responsibility for my responses to hunger, social settings, invitations and weekend events.


Weekends are the times when I tend to overeat. I’ll be working on better meal planning and getting more comfortable with passing up a plate. I’ll be asking the question, “Am I hungry or am I going for it because it’s there?”

More lessons and lifestyle changes to come!