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“The truth is, I spend more time in the kitchen, than the gym, and that’s how I’ve gotten the results I’ve gotten.” -J.Navallo, Orange County. See? It’s what we eat!

This truth changed my perspective. I hadn’t considered how much my intake mattered.

My eyes get wide with admiration when I see these superhuman workouts. I think it’s good to see the 50/50/50, IronCowboy story with James Lawrence. He’s a modern-day endurance hero. It motivates me to think beyond my limitations.

But during lunch time and homework and errands, I probably won’t be thinking about Ironman. I’ll most likely give in to the cinnamon swirls that are easier to eat than the salad I still need to put together.

Jonathan’s words are a reminder that a few minutes of prep and minding what I put IN will make a difference in how I feel and look. It helped me to view workouts from “pushing hard” to “pushing smart.”

I am still in a fuzzy state of routines at this point in my journey. These blog posts are one way that I stay accountable and to be real candid with myself, I’m still sorting through my excuses. I know. Unhelpful. But that is my true state and it will pass.

What is your go-to health food? Mine is spinach. Lentils. Eggs. Okay, and maybe some Cholula. Please feel free to share and include it in your comments!




Social snacking – Eating more when with friends

I dared to write all my food intake. A pattern came through that having visitors or being around certain people made me eat more or eat when I’m not hungry.


visits: when someone comes by and the first offer is, “let’s go out to eat.”

weekend events: usually, there’s food. I may not be hungry but I’ll feel compelled to eat it, just because it’s there. I found that this comes from the anxiety that I might not be able to eat at a later time or if I don’t eat now, then I’ll be hungry later.

But I found another question. WHAT INFLUENCES MY MOVEMENT or ACTIVITY?

if i eat with friends, does it work the same way with exercise?

Not necessarily. The 30-day squat challenge was a great start but the sets were completed on my own. The accountability to another person was helpful though.

I do thrive in class settings so getting to a group environment would help me.

The pressure of feeling like i don’t have enough time will curb how i invest in my walks, challenges and rest. I found that I do best when I don’t feel rushed.

Writing down what I ate reminded me that I need to take responsibility for my responses to hunger, social settings, invitations and weekend events.


Weekends are the times when I tend to overeat. I’ll be working on better meal planning and getting more comfortable with passing up a plate. I’ll be asking the question, “Am I hungry or am I going for it because it’s there?”

More lessons and lifestyle changes to come!