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Jump Ahead – Day 19 – 160 Squats! Is this really all I’m doing?

Ouch! Wheeze! And those are the sounds that means it feels good!

I just pulled myself out of the last set of 35 squats and made the 160.

My second attempt at the 30-day squat challenge hasn’t been exact to the day and number of squats. I needed my rest days sooner. On some days, I could only do half of what was expected.

But I still did SOMETHING. The key for me in this challenge is to stay as consistent as possible and to begin a mild form of self-accountability. I have GOTTEN STRONGER. I did a 50-squat set without stopping or wishing I could just sit down.

I admit that doing squats consecutively can make me mentally check out. This is especially true for dancers who are used to a diverse movement sequence. If I start to zone out, I do knee-raises in between sets, pick up weights or add arm movements without compromising the stance so that the body weight still acts as the resistance.

The good part is that I still get my sets done and I can check off the squat count for that day. Th BEST part is that I have another set that makes me stronger every time.



Day 3 – 60 squats

Learned my lesson and banged these out in the morning, two sets of 30. Got my heart rate up. Clears my head quickly and I like the feeling that I don’t have to do these any more today. Every day is new.

Blogging about it is online accountability. It helps. Give journaling a try if you’re shy about writing online. There is also a way to set your blog on private so only selected people can read it. There is a powerful motivation in having to “report back” on your progress.

Hope this motivated you to try something new!