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13 down. 10 to go.

2014 was a great year. I lost thirteen pounds and kept it off. Coming out of the holiday fog, I can admit to the winter weight, those excess pounds that come mostly from cold-weather consumption.

But now that I’m halfway to my weight goal, I learned that I want more than just getting to the tolerable number.

I want to truly be fit and advance my level of strength, fitness and flexibility beyond anything I’ve previously experienced.

I learned that a lot of what gets in my way is in my head. It’s so difficult to stop what I’m doing and delay starting my day to do a quick workout or prepare a healthy meal.

I’m in the process of unlearning rushed and mindless habits that used to give me the easy way out. I am learning the discipline to physically focus on short sets instead of racing to answer the next email. Ten squats takes less than a minute. Anything else can wait.

I learned how to pace myself. 150 squats in one set is a lot! But I can do shorter sets of ten and twenty and still hail the victory before 8pm. Not rushing through means keeping safe and proper form and completing the movement without short-changing the range of motion.

Accepting where I am and admitting honestly what I want is another first step for this stage of the journey. Seeking out the information and watching other people work on their fitness has also been motivating and educational.

I made it this far. Let’s keep it going!



My most recent lesson: impulse control and recognizing just how much sugar is a part of my life – so much so that it should start paying rent!