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Victory in Volleyball – Get some!

Victory in Volleyball - Get some!

Volleyball! One year ago, I would not have been able to play four games of volleyball with extremely competitive Baptist women, let alone stand for a long period of time.

This foto is with my daughter at a church gym night. We were on separate teams and even played against each other. I cheered her on when she served. We even had a rally, between mother and daughter, in our last game.

These are my markers of good health:
*Two hours of physical activity
*Staying alert past 8pm
*Engaged in a sport with my daughter

Recovery is a long road. You’ve got to celebrate the small victories. Remember what you couldn’t do and how far you’ve come. The goal is not to get back to what I USED TO BE. Instead, I can create what I CAN BE. God gave me the opportunity to take advantage of this time to experience and explore my potential in very new ways. Lesson for the night: I am at my best when I try my best. 

I hope this encourages you to try something new in your workout or to appreciate your progress at this time in your journey!



My best friend just lost 14lbs. What about me??

My best friend has been working with a personal trainer.  She lives across the country so I can’t just tag along when she goes to the gym. But she sent fotos (yes, I used an “f” in fotos), and the difference is amazing.

It motivated me even more to take this journey seriously. (Monkey see Skinny Monkey. Monkey eat less starch).

I don’t have the budget for a personal trainer. But I CAN modify my eating habits. Going gluten-free was a start. But carbs/starches are still very magical for me.

I’m trying to imagine cutting down on my starch intake by not having it for breakfast. That means something other than bread, cereal, morning bun, cinnamon toast, pop tarts, bagels, oatmeal..?  I don’t…I don’t understand.

Her accomplishments in weight training are motivating me. It helps that I know someone close to me is making an effort to change things in their lifestyle for a healthier outcome. Other people’s accomplishments are part of my support system. It also makes me want to reach higher for goals that I know are challenging but are good for me.

If you need help with getting motivated or putting together your support system, there are online communities like Tribesports.com with people who work out and train, from all over the world, ready to cheer you on.

More about support systems in another post!