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Lose It Now. Lose It for Good. Why We Need to Get It Done.

True fitness coaches will get their clients to look at the deep-rooted reasons for why they want to lose the fat and get fit. in addition to the health benefits, they tackle the mental deprogramming that have held so many of us back. Here’s a peek into my notebook. My hope is that my flash of honesty encourages you.

I hope that you don’t mind the weird phrasing. I was scribbling notes so I wasn’t thinking in complete sentences. Some of the thoughts might not seem connected. But we do that when we set up obstacles. We tie things together that aren’t necessarily related. 


  • Last time in my life I want to be overweight and gross
  • I want to sit at the stoplight and not feel my stomach on my lap (I’m so serious)
  • Fit in clothes better
  • Need to move around better
  • Finish the goal so I can move on to other goals
  • So I can be independent
  • To feel more comfortable travelling


  • I have to work
  • I can’t stop what I’m doing
  • I’m rushed
  • I don’t have money to buy the cd’s and dvd’s to do it at home
  • I am wearing the wrong thing
  • I’ll do it later
  • I should go back to the studio
  • I don’t have $5 for the class
  • When I get enough money, then people will accept me
  • I have inflammation, numbness, my hormones are off


I can do it. I can do this. I’m the best. Details matter. Just right now. Just two more.

Sometimes we hold on to the excess weight because it gives us something to do. It preoccupies our mind and energies so that we don’t have to step out and really wrestle with the big goals that require our presence. It’s like an emotional ball of yarn that we toss about, a purposeful delay in the waiting room. 

My struggle is with the grand idea that I don’t have enough time, that I can’t possibly take a few minutes to go for that walk or do those crunches because taking a break from my work will propel me into poverty. It sounds like a dramatic leap but how many of us justify our intentional lack of effort? 

I started this journey about six months ago and I can honestly say that my body was different. I’ve had three doctor’s appointments and each time, the inflammation is said to have gone down. I’ve gotten semi-regular on taking the estrogen and in the back of my mind, I bury the anxiety about the other risks of taking synthetic hormones. In terms of weight, I’ve only really kept off SIX pounds. I still have 20-25 pounds to go. 

I’ve learned that it’s the small, every day choices that got me here – both the good and bad. I didn’t set out to gain twenty pounds over the last 8 years. But I did choose to eat the goodies at almost every church function (don’t blame my church. Can’t hate on the provision!) and I didn’t turn down lunches at my mom’s on the weekends and I gave in to the pressure of my schedule and decided that the drive-through will do. I didn’t set out to be this way. But I had to face that I didn’t set out NOT to, either. Get what I’m sayin’?

What about you? What are you holding on to? And why? If you got it done and let it go, what would be NEXT for you? 

I hope this ignites excitement for you. Go start something great!




My most recent lesson: impulse control and recognizing just how much sugar is a part of my life – so much so that it should start paying rent!