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Watching TV makes me eat more – Turn it off!

On any given week night, the downtime is around 5pm. I’ve been up since 530 in the morning and I’ve thrown together a small dinner. Sometimes it’s really just a hodgepodge of side dishes from Trader Joe’s. Don’t judge me!

By this time of the day, I need to stop thinking. I feel like watching an episode of Law and Order to decompress and I need to finish dinner by 7pm to meet my evening deadline for food intake.I just want to sit, eat and watch tv. 

The problem is that watching tv is passive. Every other pediatrician in the country will warn against watching tv during a meal because it causes kids to actually eat MORE. —> And I would be excluded from this danger because…?

Let’s try to leave the tv off during dinner time. Better yet, let’s call it a wrap by 8pm. I noticed that watching tv after dinner will still increase the likelihood that I will snack on something else right before bedtime. 

Did I mention my daughter is on spring break next week? And I’m hoping to shut the tv off by 8pm? Pffft. Okay, Fitness Fam, I’ll keep you posted!


SWORKIT – my exercise app for fitness newbies on a budget!

Thank Ryan Hanna, this app’s creator, for a way to exercise in 5 to 60-minute sets. SWORKIT is an exercise app with video examples that I can easily follow so I don’t look like a flailing dolphin…or whale.  

Just like the name sounds, you SWEAT and WORK IT. All you have to do is follow the exercise sequence, given to you in 30-second increments, and stick it out until the next exercise. It even gives you a 30-second break in between sets. [It’s called circuit training, but for some of us who are exercise-challenged, that sounds painful.] No more worrying about keeping up with the skinny girls in class. I can do this in the comfort, privacy and dignity of my own home! 

The workouts range from hard-core cardio to gentle warm-ups and full sequence yoga. I do the 5-minute stretches before bed just to help loosen up from the day’s events. Don’t want it so predictable? (Introverts might cower at this one). There is an “Anything Goes” workout that gives you a surprise selection.I also like that the exercises don’t require weights or other accessories. You can use a yoga mat or tension bands to add difficulty. But even if you don’t, you won’t feel like you’re missing something.

AND the workouts sync with MyFitnessPal so it can calculate your daily exercise –>this means you get to eat more calories! Okay, not really. But it’s nice that it coordinates with your meal diary and you can track your activity and calorie intake together. 

See? Another free way to get your fitness and weight loss goals going.

BTW: You can also upgrade to SWORKIT PRO for swag on your sweat sophistication. 

Are you using apps in addition to your fitness routine? Let me know what works for YOU!