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Weight Loss vs Fat Loss – Pfft, I was way off.

“Words affect our perspective. Perspective affects our strategy. Strategy affects our fight. Now I know that my battle is against fat, not weight.”

Thanks to the great articles posted on the12.com’s library, I now know the difference in what I’m trying to do.

I was saying that I wanted to lose weight and now I am more educated to say I want to lose FAT.

When I started this journey, I was just excited to be healthy enough to exercise. Now that I’m 6 months in, I’ve thankfully had my first failure by gaining weight back, fell off the wagon with my exercise schedule by working a lot and taking an online course, and heard of other people who are losing more fat and probably doing better than I am altogether.

But so what? The big lesson is that this is truly a journey and I had back pedal a couple of steps to clarify my objective by using the right terminology. So, ok, I don’t want to lose “weight” because I could gain the pounds in muscle. I want to lose FAT.

I am beginning to understand more pieces of the picture when the health articles say it’s a lifestyle change. I had to dig deep and “peel the onion”  to find out my real motivations for wanting a different look and feel to my body, as well as being honest with myself to identify my excuses and inner stoppers that are holding me back from the tones abs and fit arms I daydream about.

As a coach, I enjoy getting down to the grit with my clients about their motivations and hidden fears. I listen deeply about the words and language they use to frame their situations. I understand the importance of articulating one’s aim so I appreciated that the article by Josh Boyd showed me the difference.  Fat loss is a mental sport! If I talk about it, I can BE about it – only if I know what I’m talking about. 

So, now that my lens has cleared, (wipes off peanut butter smudge from lens), I can adjust the verbiage of my goals from losing “weight” to losing “fat!”  From “weight loss” to “powerhouse fitness.” The latter sounds much more enticing, doesn’t it?

Words affect our perspective. Perspective affects our strategy. Strategy affects our fight. Now I know that my battle is against fat, not weight.

What do you call YOUR fitness journey? Star Trek? 50 First Dates? Inception? The Almost Little Mermaid? Do share!


My Micro-Maniac Tracking Sheet

My Micro-Maniac Tracking Sheet

Can’t afford a personal trainer? You’ll need to be your own commander and scientist. This is a my crude yet effective tracking sheet. I weigh myself every morning, log in how many minutes of activity, (recently discovered the fun app SWORKIT), if I get 8hours of sleep, which is rare, and if I stopped eating by 7pm.

I have enough data over the last few months to know:
*I eat more during the day if I don’t get enough sleep.
*I sleep better if I stop eating by 7pm.
*If 5 minutes on SWORKIT is all I can handle, then it’s still 5 minutes of movement.
*If I walk, I relax.
*Sometimes I wake up really early and I don’t know why. I have to make adjustments on my eating and sleep for that day.

Celebrate the small victories. In this photo, I highlighted the LOWEST WEIGHT I’ve seen in months. 137.8lbs. I weighed in at 142lbs a few months ago. I’m not building muscle right now so I do follow the scale. If I were working with weights regularly, I would measure my progress differently.

This is still an effective way for me to track my progress and make small adjustments that I know my mind and memory can handle.

This is also a way to stay focused. I’m not trying to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. I would rather lose weight slowly but be able to identify my patterns so that I can KEEP IT OFF.

What is the one small change you made in your fitness routine that made a big difference? I’d like to hear your experiences.