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“The truth is, I spend more time in the kitchen, than the gym, and that’s how I’ve gotten the results I’ve gotten.” -J.Navallo, Orange County. See? It’s what we eat!

This truth changed my perspective. I hadn’t considered how much my intake mattered.

My eyes get wide with admiration when I see these superhuman workouts. I think it’s good to see the 50/50/50, IronCowboy story with James Lawrence. He’s a modern-day endurance hero. It motivates me to think beyond my limitations.

But during lunch time and homework and errands, I probably won’t be thinking about Ironman. I’ll most likely give in to the cinnamon swirls that are easier to eat than the salad I still need to put together.

Jonathan’s words are a reminder that a few minutes of prep and minding what I put IN will make a difference in how I feel and look. It helped me to view workouts from “pushing hard” to “pushing smart.”

I am still in a fuzzy state of routines at this point in my journey. These blog posts are one way that I stay accountable and to be real candid with myself, I’m still sorting through my excuses. I know. Unhelpful. But that is my true state and it will pass.

What is your go-to health food? Mine is spinach. Lentils. Eggs. Okay, and maybe some Cholula. Please feel free to share and include it in your comments!




I’m back! I’m back! (waves hi)

Hi Fitness Fam! Happy Fourth of July! We’re getting ready to tear up the menu on this sunny Southern California Saturday! I’ve climbed back on to the fitness wagon. Happy to report that I’m starting over in many ways.I’ve learned lessons about my health and myself in the last few months. Most importantly, that I’m not perfect and I don’t need to be!

I’ve heard lots of fitness gurus and health coaches say that we need to do what works and NOW I finally know what that means. I also know that it really is a journey and different life events and health seasons will demand different disciplines but sticking to sound principles in our health will always see us through the tunnel of the unexpected.

I hope to share more updates soon! Hope you all enjoy this wonderful holiday with great family, friends and food!

july food

Here’s a walk-by foto of my mom’s table! 🙂

If you’re squinting your eyes, you might be able to see the Spanish rice, grilled kielbasa, porkchops, corn on the cob, and sauteed vegetables and most likely, bread! Of course, we had to have a fruit table…with cake, of course. I know this makes sense to some of you, lol!

july food two

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!