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Tahitian dancing - before I was a Mommy
Tahitian dancing – before I was a Mommy

Yes, you read it right! Thanks to a hula sister who invited me to take a class with her instructor, I conquered TWO hip-switchin’ hours of Tahitian dance training. It felt good to be back on the floor!  I’m grateful my leg didn’t go numb and become a useless stump (I have mild sciatica).

Dance victories: 

  • Danced alongside my daughter again, who didn’t quit or whine. She pushed right through it and enjoyed the music & laughter.
  • Danced beside ohana for the first time in over ten years
  • Barefoot, dancing, energized past 8pm
  • Embraced the way I looked in the studio mirror – all I saw was a woman who was happy and trying her best.

I have tightness in my joints and particularly, my hips. This is a common and lasting side effect from chemo/radiation. Radiation was in the pelvic region so the occasional joint and hip creaking is not uncommon. Neurologists have told me to stay active and that the tightness will eventually go away. My dr also recommended yoga to combat the tightness and to give myself a workout without pounding the dance floor with such fervor.

Notice that the dr’s say “eventually,” and they don’t give a timeline. The majority of data available on lasting effects of chemo/rad is with an older age group (60 – 70s). We are still in the stages of collecting data about the effects on a younger population (under 50yrs old).

In some ways, I might be a pioneer for that. And you are, too, if you’re recovering from something similar. I came across some people who would bark diet and exercise tips to me, as if it were a matter of self-discipline. But it’s not that easy.

We’re dealing with a re-acquaintance process of getting to know our bodies all over again. I know I’m never going to be the same and I welcome that! It’s really about creating your own story of healing and renewal. This time, for me,  it was through dance.

I encourage you to relish in things that you can do now that you couldn’t do before. You need to see how far you’ve come in your healing. I may not be as fit, fast or flexible as I was ten years ago, but I’m better than I was a year ago! 



How to Make a Celebration Page for Your Weight Loss Victories!


This celebration page is what true weight management looks like through the real seasons of life. I lost those few pounds without going to a gym. I changed a few things in my routine and tried to stick to it, factoring in responsibilities and times when I can’t give my fitness my full attention. For Your Celebration Page, here are things to consider:

  1. What did you do right?
  2. What exercise of meal plan did you enjoy?
  3. What would you like to do more of?
  4. What put you in a better mood?
  5. *Use bright colors or motivational images!

These bright benchmarks help me to set new goals. I don’t reach for something too drastic. Just small, incremental steps. This takes a clean level of honesty &  taking it easy on myself.

If you’re working out at zero hours a day, then decide you’re going to suddenly start doing 60 minutes, it’s easy to fail. Set yourself up to succeed with small goals. One victory is better than none.

Start with five minutes.
I started with walking for five minutes. MyFitnessPal counts house work & cleaning as calorie-burning activity (under cardio). That already brought me up to fifteen minutes!

I celebrated going from moving an average of 8min/day to 17.7min/day. That’s doubling my purposeful physical activity (excluding cleaning). This way, I can see my progress & I have real numbers as data.

Decide in advance when to stop meals by 7pm.

It’s not realistic to stop eating by 7pm every day. There are days in the week when I’m out past 7pm and dinner time is negotiable. Feeling disappointed that I didn’t accomplish that deadline will lead to no action. I gave myself wiggle room and aimed for eating before 7pm for 3-4 days out of the week. If I don’t do it, then I need to look at what happened and instead of coming down on myself, embrace the numbers. Adjust it for the next week. It is a win-win situation when I can see the trends and tendencies. You want real-life weight loss wellness – not a 30-second commercial with before and after photos!

Weight Range Success:

  • Starting point: 146lbs
  • 5-month mark: Average weight between 139lbs and 142lbs

At 5 months, people who have committed themselves to a workout routine will probably have more noticeable results.

It may not seem like a lot of weight, but remember, I’m trying to lose this for life. This means that I need to keep this weight off, whether I’m indulging in holiday sweets or going through a rigorous work week.  I don’t ever want to have to blame “not having time to work out” as the only cause of poor weight management.

I encourage you to make your own celebration page! Here is what you’ll need: