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Got Stuck. Starting Over.

Change in work schedule. Change in budget. Sounds minor, but the impact it had on my workouts and meals made a big difference.

I got stuck. Skipped one day of walking. Then, two days of eating past 7pm. Then holiday parties, and those yummy biscotti things with caramel drizzle from Costco. The onset of peppermint mochas and the alleged seasonal obligation to drink one, okay, maybe, two a day.

Then the kid’s on vacation, so they stay up late, evening snacks, more french fries than usual. No sports.

I have to start over. I was disappointed for a while, then looked back on what I was tracking around this time last year. Light bulb! I can just start over! But this time, I’m starting at 13lbs LESS than my weight last year.

I started to appreciate all the minor adjustments that I made: got more sleep, short workouts. I saw how gentle I was on myself and I celebrated every little thing.

If I did it before, then I can do it again. This was a big lesson for me in working through the different seasons and starting from a much healthier place. I learned I can’t be 100% all the time. But I don’t have to be discouraged if I’m at 50%. It just means I can give myself permission to change gears and work my way back up to what works for me.

The new year can lead to new ways. Or, in my case, to use what I know already worked and instead, give myself a new view.

Here’s to starting over! 🙂



Jump Ahead – Day 19 – 160 Squats! Is this really all I’m doing?

Ouch! Wheeze! And those are the sounds that means it feels good!

I just pulled myself out of the last set of 35 squats and made the 160.

My second attempt at the 30-day squat challenge hasn’t been exact to the day and number of squats. I needed my rest days sooner. On some days, I could only do half of what was expected.

But I still did SOMETHING. The key for me in this challenge is to stay as consistent as possible and to begin a mild form of self-accountability. I have GOTTEN STRONGER. I did a 50-squat set without stopping or wishing I could just sit down.

I admit that doing squats consecutively can make me mentally check out. This is especially true for dancers who are used to a diverse movement sequence. If I start to zone out, I do knee-raises in between sets, pick up weights or add arm movements without compromising the stance so that the body weight still acts as the resistance.

The good part is that I still get my sets done and I can check off the squat count for that day. Th BEST part is that I have another set that makes me stronger every time.