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Coffee – my crutch, fave creamer, creep calories?

I like coffee. A lot.

I’d have a hard time giving up. It’s the routine associated with it. Brewing, getting my favorite creamer and sipping a hot drink while I read/write/plan.

Using the food tracker on myfitnesspal.com, coffee is the repeat offender. Not a lot of calories per entry but over time, it adds up. The coffee itself isn’t the culprit. It’s the magical flavored creamers with sugars and cafe’ goodness.

After radiation treatment, I knew I was getting better once I was able to digest coffee. I could probably cut down on it. But… it’s so magical.


4thToo hot outside. Spent most of today maneuvering through the new blog. Highlight meal: gluten-free pasta with Italian turkey meatballs. Snack: Fresh yellow peach with vanilla yogurt. Photo is me and Bubb, in mid-blog, while fireworks boomed and cracked outside. I gave in to the 7pm coffee call. My daughter kissed me and wished me a happy 4th. My sister visited and while here, discovered the gluten-free nacho cheese tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s. Her eyes lit up. Then my daughter softly rested her head on my shoulder as I typed. These moments are what really matter.