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I’m back! I’m back! (waves hi)

Hi Fitness Fam! Happy Fourth of July! We’re getting ready to tear up the menu on this sunny Southern California Saturday! I’ve climbed back on to the fitness wagon. Happy to report that I’m starting over in many ways.I’ve learned lessons about my health and myself in the last few months. Most importantly, that I’m not perfect and I don’t need to be!

I’ve heard lots of fitness gurus and health coaches say that we need to do what works and NOW I finally know what that means. I also know that it really is a journey and different life events and health seasons will demand different disciplines but sticking to sound principles in our health will always see us through the tunnel of the unexpected.

I hope to share more updates soon! Hope you all enjoy this wonderful holiday with great family, friends and food!

july food

Here’s a walk-by foto of my mom’s table! 🙂

If you’re squinting your eyes, you might be able to see the Spanish rice, grilled kielbasa, porkchops, corn on the cob, and sauteed vegetables and most likely, bread! Of course, we had to have a fruit table…with cake, of course. I know this makes sense to some of you, lol!

july food two

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!


13 down. 10 to go.

2014 was a great year. I lost thirteen pounds and kept it off. Coming out of the holiday fog, I can admit to the winter weight, those excess pounds that come mostly from cold-weather consumption.

But now that I’m halfway to my weight goal, I learned that I want more than just getting to the tolerable number.

I want to truly be fit and advance my level of strength, fitness and flexibility beyond anything I’ve previously experienced.

I learned that a lot of what gets in my way is in my head. It’s so difficult to stop what I’m doing and delay starting my day to do a quick workout or prepare a healthy meal.

I’m in the process of unlearning rushed and mindless habits that used to give me the easy way out. I am learning the discipline to physically focus on short sets instead of racing to answer the next email. Ten squats takes less than a minute. Anything else can wait.

I learned how to pace myself. 150 squats in one set is a lot! But I can do shorter sets of ten and twenty and still hail the victory before 8pm. Not rushing through means keeping safe and proper form and completing the movement without short-changing the range of motion.

Accepting where I am and admitting honestly what I want is another first step for this stage of the journey. Seeking out the information and watching other people work on their fitness has also been motivating and educational.

I made it this far. Let’s keep it going!