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Foto – 71 miles worth it


It was my cousin’s 14th birthday. That side of the family lives 71 miles from my home. With the health issues of the past couple of years, I had not been able to visit them – until last Saturday. The sitting position of driving was typically uncomfortable for me: the weight and pressure on my hips, the muscle strength it takes to sit up, the energy and alertness I need to drive. We might take those things for granted when we’re healthy. Even with the long drive ahead of me, my spirit told me, “If I’m healthy enough to go, then go.”

This foto is a picture of energy. I know what it took to get there and the giggles and lightness that you can see in the picture makes it worth it. I should add that both of these young men are black belts in martial arts! Visiting them was fun.

What are the little things you overlooked today? What have you taken for granted, because you can? Is there someone you need to visit and you haven’t done it? Are you healthy enough to go? Then, go.

“For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established” Romans 1:11


Victory in Volleyball – Get some!

Victory in Volleyball - Get some!

Volleyball! One year ago, I would not have been able to play four games of volleyball with extremely competitive Baptist women, let alone stand for a long period of time.

This foto is with my daughter at a church gym night. We were on separate teams and even played against each other. I cheered her on when she served. We even had a rally, between mother and daughter, in our last game.

These are my markers of good health:
*Two hours of physical activity
*Staying alert past 8pm
*Engaged in a sport with my daughter

Recovery is a long road. You’ve got to celebrate the small victories. Remember what you couldn’t do and how far you’ve come. The goal is not to get back to what I USED TO BE. Instead, I can create what I CAN BE. God gave me the opportunity to take advantage of this time to experience and explore my potential in very new ways. Lesson for the night: I am at my best when I try my best. 

I hope this encourages you to try something new in your workout or to appreciate your progress at this time in your journey!