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30-Day Squat Challenge – Day One

Finally returned to Zumba Scuplt after being gone for over a week. I got through the first 30 minutes of Zumba and felt queasy within the first 5minutes of weights. I even stepped away from the floor for a couple of minutes. This numbness on my right side is bothersome. ( I see a dr about that next week).

I did squats in Zumba but I WILL NOT count those toward the Tribesports 30-Day Squat Challenge! Gangsta, that’s how I do.! AND.. bec I lost count at Zumba 😦

I gave in to the McD’s demon after the workout. (shrugs). Sometimes that’s how I do, too.

Celebrating today with five sets of ten squats. I’m already two sets in and I keep hearing the popping sound in my knees. Is that normal?



30-Day Squat Challenge

Gonna do my best to complete this 30day squat challenge. Hula has given me strong legs but this calendar is something new for me to try!