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Poultry and A Pile of Leaves – Favorite Lunch

It’s known as a chicken salad. When I first started the fat loss journey, I knew I had to have salads as my main meals, but I wasn’t exactly excited about it. Until I found out ways to make the pile of leaves more interesting. So, here’s what I tried:


Frozen chicken strips from Trader Joe’s

Or breaded chicken strips

Or chicken breast seasoned with sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper and dill – slapped on the good ole Foreman grill.

*Tried this coffee &garlic bbq rub from Joe’s . Uh, NOT terrible is all I’m sayin’


Romaine lettuce (Joe’s has 3 for under $2. That’s three and a half lunches for the budget-conscious)

Broccolli (steamed or raw)


Sometimes, red kale that is sauteed with sea salt. And even sometimes kosher pickles.


Dried cranberries (Oceanspray is ok)

Sunflower seeds

Bell peppers



Boiled egg

Dried noodles

Dressing: two of my favorites: Newman’s Sesame Ginger and a Chinese Salad Dressing from Costco.

Aside from the sustained energy that I thought fitness freaks were lying about when they talked about salad, I also DON’T crave as much sweets or the 2pm caffeine fix. It’s not a 100% rule but I notice the difference on most days.

SO…if you need a quick and easy lunch that isn’t too involved, try putting together a salad with your own favorites. No meat is excluded. Meatballs, turkey, pot roast, salmon, bbq pulled pork, even chicken nuggets. I learned that choosing my own food was about personalizing it to what I can manage to make and eat. I didn’t need to count calories or weigh portions. What this did for me was give me ownership and independence on my nutrition.

This might not seem like a big deal but to me, being able to come up with inexpensive and healthy food that I didn’t want to bury in the backyard was liberating. I learned that this fat loss journey is about creating choices. Even if it’s just poultry and a pile of leaves.



Coffee – my crutch, fave creamer, creep calories?

I like coffee. A lot.

I’d have a hard time giving up. It’s the routine associated with it. Brewing, getting my favorite creamer and sipping a hot drink while I read/write/plan.

Using the food tracker on myfitnesspal.com, coffee is the repeat offender. Not a lot of calories per entry but over time, it adds up. The coffee itself isn’t the culprit. It’s the magical flavored creamers with sugars and cafe’ goodness.

After radiation treatment, I knew I was getting better once I was able to digest coffee. I could probably cut down on it. But… it’s so magical.