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Cutting Carbs for a Rice-Eater/Bread-Lover

No carbs. Just the thought of it makes me sad.

But sitting at a traffic light and feeling the muffin top spill over is just as sad…and gross.

Being Filipino, rice is a staple. I thought I was a superhero when I managed to replace white rice with brown rice.

My celebrity starch status lasted for a few months. Because even with brown rice, I still gravitated toward the breads, waffles, croissants, muffins and bread pudding. And that’s only at church!

So what does the effort of cutting carbs look like for the average single mom who relies on the quick and easy bread solution to fill the tummies of the household? How do I overcome the need for the texture of breads and starchy grains?

1. Writing down what I eat. It’s elementary but it shows me exactly what and when I get my starch triggers. Maybe it’s in the afternoon with the cookies. Or maybe it’s the morning meal with two pieces of toast instead of one. It could also be a pattern that I take in more starch on days when I don’t get enough protein. The data will show after an honest list of what I’ve eaten.

2. Win with one meal at a time. Do I need that portion of rice? What about if I do half? What can I substitute for the pretzel bread? Do I really want to invest that donut in my midsection? Can I wait one hour before eating it? Can I do a set of twenty squats and then see if I still want it?

Cutting carbs also means exploring other foods, like fruits and vegetables and proteins, that will give me a satisfied appetite. It means developing an interest for stuff I may not have tried before and pacing myself so I’m not rushing back to the bagel-only morning again. This effort also means I need to be realistic with what I enjoy. It doesn’t mean “no pizza, ever.” It just means, “not right now.”

What did you do to be careful with carbs?





I learned about how some ppl are very sensitive to gluten and eating it can basically make them crazy. I decided to try to go gluten-free. Though I’m not 100%, I’m eating more stuff that is gluten-free.

I tried this for two reasons:

I wanted to decrease feeling lethargic after eating starches. I had a more noticeable reaction to it after treatment.

I also wanted to see if gluten-free could would be easier on my digestive system. I found that hard starches gave me problems when I would have to empty out. Popcorn, certain breads and Clif bars were common factors in my diet when I would have difficulties.

I’ve had gluten-free bread – brown rice bread. It feels heavier when you lift it, so it gives you the impression it’s a dense bread. It’s actually spongy when you eat it. Gluten-free nacho chips from Trader Joe’s: yum! Crispy, cheesy and no MSG, unlike Doritos. No weird queasy feeling either, which is what MSG usually gives me.

Gluten-free may not have significant effects but I know it won’t hurt me. If I start cooking gluten-free stuff, then that would be a cool graduation for me.

Throwin up the G sign? for Gluten-free.