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Rest Day from Squat Challenge

Completed Day 3 yesterday. 60 squats. Did the last three sets consecutively. I raised my knees in between sets and that helped to go into the next set. It got easier for me when I open my arms as I’m coming up from the squat. Feels like my chest can open up and it didn’t feel as constricting as just putting my hands behind my head.

The Law of Substitution/ also known as the doctrine of replacement:

When you take away one thing, you need to replace it with something else. This is a principle used in addictions recovery programs and practiced in lifestyle change regimens. This squat challenge helps me focus on something else other than what I normally think about. When I focus on just doing the next set as an in-between activity from work or planning, it gives me a mental break, keeps my body active and I come back to my task thinking more clearly.

Because of what I do for a living and what I’m responsible for, I need to THINK CLEARLY.

Today is a rest day on squat challenge calendar. But I’ll probably do something else for activity. There is that other challenge: legs/abs superset. Maybe I’ll try one set and see how it feels.  http://tribesports.com/challenges/the-leg-ab-superset



30-Day Squat Challenge – Day One

Finally returned to Zumba Scuplt after being gone for over a week. I got through the first 30 minutes of Zumba and felt queasy within the first 5minutes of weights. I even stepped away from the floor for a couple of minutes. This numbness on my right side is bothersome. ( I see a dr about that next week).

I did squats in Zumba but I WILL NOT count those toward the Tribesports 30-Day Squat Challenge! Gangsta, that’s how I do.! AND.. bec I lost count at Zumba 😦

I gave in to the McD’s demon after the workout. (shrugs). Sometimes that’s how I do, too.

Celebrating today with five sets of ten squats. I’m already two sets in and I keep hearing the popping sound in my knees. Is that normal?