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Talk about the WORKOUT, not the WEIGHT.

I’ve been making this mistake. I noticed my language was closely connected to my motivation.

I will be more mindful to talk about my workout, the fun things I do to stay active. I want to move away from the discouraging language I was using with myself. I would talk about my weight, how dissatisfied I was with the number, the dissatisfaction I had with the look and feel of my body.


How could I improve my body and introduce new activities into my life if I’m unhappy with what I have?

I learned to embrace exactly where I am and what I have, chubb and all. It is only then that I can begin working on my transformation from a place of love instead of disgust. We get involved with things we like. Not with things that repulse us.

Changing my language to talk about the next workout or fitness class is more encouraging and motivating than queasiness I feel when I know my midsection has triumphed over the belt and I feel like a loaf of bread with a string tied around it.

I have a fitness class this week. I will invest my thoughts on how I can become better and how I can challenge myself. I will start from a place of love. This will be my challenge. This will be my focus!


30-Day Squat Challenge: DONE!

we did it! Finally finished the squat challenge. I got through 300 squats on the last day. I admit it got bumpy around the 23-27 days. I didn’t entirely hit goal. But I can look back on how I followed through and hit goal on most days. Now that I know I can complete one challenge, I’ll feel more confident when I take on the next one.


1. Best to get the sets done in the morning. Sometimes it would take me all day to do them. But I feel better at getting it done than not at all.

2.  Push for higher number per set and do fewer sets. This pushes my endurance. i don’t like this part but I know it’s more efficient and the only way to properly stress the muscle and heart rate.

3.  Add weights and vary form. It adds to the challenge and builds strength. I used just 5lb weights for each hand. 20 squats with an additional ten pounds feels different.

4.  Use music. Repetitive motions are easier when there’s a good song to see me through it.

What challenge have you done that you really enjoyed?