Dr’s appt: Good results. New suggestions.

2015 Health Update

Great news! My recent dr’s appointment in November went well. Now that I’m healthier, my doctor suggested moving forward with my fitness and health. What you see is a page from my fitness notebook. I try to scribble updates in bright colors so I can track my progress.

Doc recommended walking as a form of exercise: 30 minutes a day, at least 3-5 days a week. Ideal is to walk 3mph, 5 days a week. I mentioned that I wanted to try restorative yoga, since this martial arts place by my house was offering it. He encouraged it, and overall, he expressed that yoga is great exercise.

The note about minerals and muscle twitching meant that I expressed that I noticed my right calf muscles had a tendency to twitch. He mentioned that it could indicate a low magnesium level. I’ve started on supplements with calcium and magnesium. Nothing fancy. Just the tablets from Trader Joe’s. The twitching still occurs (which I’m convinced is actually neurological from an unrelated incident), but my hot flashes have significantly subsided. Again, I can’t scientifically say if this is related. Just a noticeable change.

BONUS: The anxiety I typically experience going to the clinic has subsided. I felt like a whole person, walking healthily to my appointment. I was reminded that I’m going to the follow-up because I’m WELL, not because I’m ill or diseased. That was a victory to praise God for.

The weight that I lost weight was gained back. I have nothing else to blame other than my inactivity. I work, do chores, eat and sleep. I wasn’t even walking around the block. Shame shame. Whatever!

If you’ve ever found yourself in a rut, then you’ll know what I mean. What got me moving again was…someone else’s blog! True story. I read a post on Maxed Out Muscles by Christian Boyles, a young man who is committed to fitness while managing Crohn’s disease. Through his posts, I witness commitment, positive persistence and a winning attitude.

I found myself in a seasonal slump and by admitting that, I found a way to start fresh and start over. This journey is indeed emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

Now that I have a good report from my doctor, familiar suggestions and encouraging bloggers to follow, what will I do about my commitment to discovering the best version of myself?

Thank you for sticking with me through this journey! I hope you continue with me in the coming year!






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