I Owe You My Thanks: How I Want to Start Over

Hi Fitness Fam!

I owe you a bundle of thanks. You have stuck with me on this journey, even through seasons of silence when I haven’t had a chance to blog and post updates. Before I embark on some other 30-day challenge or discover another superfood, I just needed to take a moment and thank you for subscribing, following, sharing and commenting on my posts.

I just read through how this all started and I am amazed how it’s been two years. I was going strong for a while, then with a change in my workload and other life adjustments, my focus on my fitness was set aside. I gained back some of the weight that I lost and I also learned valuable lessons about myself and what I’m comfortable with to include in this journey. I am thankful for that season of slump, too! Without it, I wouldn’t be as clear as I am now about how and why I want to proceed.

It’s actually MORE challenging now because I got results in my first year and half and I tend to compare my current habits with “how I used to do it.” I know, right? BAD.

I’ve learned that beating myself up is not the best reinforcement. Seeing things in a positive light help me learn more effective ways to continue, instead of digging up reasons to stop.

So, all this to say that I’m starting over again with this journey. But I didn’t want to do that without letting you know that I appreciate how you encourage me by reading this blog. Thank you!




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