30-Day Squat Challenge: DONE!

we did it! Finally finished the squat challenge. I got through 300 squats on the last day. I admit it got bumpy around the 23-27 days. I didn’t entirely hit goal. But I can look back on how I followed through and hit goal on most days. Now that I know I can complete one challenge, I’ll feel more confident when I take on the next one.


1. Best to get the sets done in the morning. Sometimes it would take me all day to do them. But I feel better at getting it done than not at all.

2.  Push for higher number per set and do fewer sets. This pushes my endurance. i don’t like this part but I know it’s more efficient and the only way to properly stress the muscle and heart rate.

3.  Add weights and vary form. It adds to the challenge and builds strength. I used just 5lb weights for each hand. 20 squats with an additional ten pounds feels different.

4.  Use music. Repetitive motions are easier when there’s a good song to see me through it.

What challenge have you done that you really enjoyed?




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