I looked up. And then there was no white rice.

White rice was a staple. It was probably one of the hardest things to reduce and eventually do without in my diet. White rice is cheap, easy to cook, and it can go with anything. But the cost of this empty starch on my energy and midsection was too high. 

Doing a grocery list one day, I looked over the items. I looked up and realized there was no white rice. 

There was no overnight magic. Just gradual replacement. First, we used brown rice. We used the microwaveable bags from Trader Joe’s. Tried cooking it ourselves but those really have no flavor. Might as well eat a brown bag. We’d like to eventually get away from the microwave, but for now, this is a manageable replacement. 

Then, we started pairing food with Romaine lettuce instead of rice. Also tried red potatoes, seasoned and baked, as a side dish. Occasionally, boiled barley is good, if I wanted that rice-like item with meals. 

We went to a fellowship at a Filipino event where white rice was served. Suddenly, it occurred to me that we hand’t eaten that food combination in so long: white rice with a meat or seafood dish. The fellowship was wonderful, but oh goodness, we can’t eat like that every week. 

So here’s a scoop of celebration that we made this small change in our diet and it grew to be a big victory in our lifestyle! 

Now.. if only I can let go of Spam. Hmm. One thing at a time. 


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