Down Ten Pounds From Last Year!

Can I get an amen? After a year of checking for internal inflammation, balancing out hormones, overcoming food allergies and trying to get more than 5 hrs of uninterrupted sleep, I can finally celebrate that I have lost ten pounds since last year. This quick and crude snapshot from report shows the scrambled but steady decline over the last year. (Circled in green: spikes and dips in weight)


Habits I Changed:

  • Eat more lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Tried to cut down on carbs and sugars. I still eat them but I am just more aware of when to stop.
  • Finish meals by 7pm. On average, I stop snacks and meals by 7pm about 3-4 times a week. Some weeks are better than others. But I just tracked what I normally do and see if I could improve from there.
  • One bottle of water with coffee in the morning. I haven’t been able to give up coffee yet. But I do try to drink one bottle of water, sipping it in between coffee gulps, just to stay hydrated. I also found that I’ll drink less coffee if  I drink water in between.

If all else fails, just take a walk. Work and fatigue might hold me back from an all-out workout, but I can take a quick walk to clear my mind and get my body in motion. [Lose 14 lbs from walking? See how this lady in her 50’s did it…Read that post here.]

This weight loss was done without a personal trainer, a gym membership or hard and intense workouts. While I actually recommend all those methods, I’m just telling my story because I didn’t do those things. I wanted to change real  life habits and do it gently enough so that I can sustain them, no matter where I am, no matter how healthy I might (not) be. 

Hope you can do something for your own journey today. Remember, it doesn’t have to be intense. It can be simple, like drinking an extra glass of water or going to bed early.

What one thing will YOU try?


3 thoughts on “Down Ten Pounds From Last Year!

  1. First off, congratulations, that is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud. It just goes to show that small consistent changes build up over time into something quite significant. For me personally, I am working on running more for my cardio fitness. So I have an aim of covering at least 10km/week with a mixture of walking and running. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. I agree that the consistency helped, though it’s the easiest to overlook. I’m cheering you on for your goal of 10km/week!

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