3 Walks a Day and the Word “No” – How She Lost 15LBS in a Month!

She really did it! She got serious in taking charge of her health and 32 days later, she is 15lbs less than her original weight.  A lady I know from church is in her early 50’s, pre-diabetic and with high blood pressure. Her doctor gave her a stern warning that she needed to do something about her health or she would head to making insulin a part of her routine. Big Uh-oh!

She made firm decisions with her diet by saying NO to sugar. She ate smaller portions and made it a point to walk for 15 minutes, three times a day. Her excitement was contagious. I saw her last Sunday, smiling and exuberant. She showed me how her clothes fit differently and her jewelry slipped on with ease, now that the bloating in her fingers and wrists were gone. She impressed her doctor (and me!) with the accomplishment. Her recent tests showed favorable results. Most of all, she feels great. She said she feels like she can move around again.

Her story motivated me. It was a blessing to see her family cheer her on and support her in her efforts. Now that she knows she can do it, it’s a matter of sustaining those habits. Wow! 15 days of saying NO to sugar? I don’t know if I can do it. I even heard of an entire family going one year without added sugar. I log my meals. I wonder how much of it includes sugar. (Covers one eye). I might not want to look but it’s all about getting the data so I know how to make the change. The motto here is to start small. Maybe just ONE day without sugar. (Squints at coffee creamer). Let’s see how this goes!



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