Victory in Volleyball – Get some!

Victory in Volleyball - Get some!

Volleyball! One year ago, I would not have been able to play four games of volleyball with extremely competitive Baptist women, let alone stand for a long period of time.

This foto is with my daughter at a church gym night. We were on separate teams and even played against each other. I cheered her on when she served. We even had a rally, between mother and daughter, in our last game.

These are my markers of good health:
*Two hours of physical activity
*Staying alert past 8pm
*Engaged in a sport with my daughter

Recovery is a long road. You’ve got to celebrate the small victories. Remember what you couldn’t do and how far you’ve come. The goal is not to get back to what I USED TO BE. Instead, I can create what I CAN BE. God gave me the opportunity to take advantage of this time to experience and explore my potential in very new ways. Lesson for the night: I am at my best when I try my best. 

I hope this encourages you to try something new in your workout or to appreciate your progress at this time in your journey!



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