My Micro-Maniac Tracking Sheet

My Micro-Maniac Tracking Sheet

Can’t afford a personal trainer? You’ll need to be your own commander and scientist. This is a my crude yet effective tracking sheet. I weigh myself every morning, log in how many minutes of activity, (recently discovered the fun app SWORKIT), if I get 8hours of sleep, which is rare, and if I stopped eating by 7pm.

I have enough data over the last few months to know:
*I eat more during the day if I don’t get enough sleep.
*I sleep better if I stop eating by 7pm.
*If 5 minutes on SWORKIT is all I can handle, then it’s still 5 minutes of movement.
*If I walk, I relax.
*Sometimes I wake up really early and I don’t know why. I have to make adjustments on my eating and sleep for that day.

Celebrate the small victories. In this photo, I highlighted the LOWEST WEIGHT I’ve seen in months. 137.8lbs. I weighed in at 142lbs a few months ago. I’m not building muscle right now so I do follow the scale. If I were working with weights regularly, I would measure my progress differently.

This is still an effective way for me to track my progress and make small adjustments that I know my mind and memory can handle.

This is also a way to stay focused. I’m not trying to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. I would rather lose weight slowly but be able to identify my patterns so that I can KEEP IT OFF.

What is the one small change you made in your fitness routine that made a big difference? I’d like to hear your experiences.


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