Stop eating by 7PM

I am trying to make the small adjustments in my habits so that I can manage my eating and rest routine. 

One change I tried is to end meals by 7pm. It ended up being easier than it sounds. What helped me most was deciding a week in advance which days I could eat past 7pm. 

On Saturday evenings, I’m usually helping in a ministry at church and they serve a light dinner. I block those out on my calendar so that I know I’ll be eating past 7pm. However, I try not to eat past 8pm. 

Immediate benefits: I don’t wake up as tired, probably because my body didn’t have to exhaust itself by digesting food from the night before. When I’m rested, I eat LESS because I’m not stuffing my face w/ food to try to stay awake. 

It’s free! I don’t always have the budget to go to a fitness class or the energy to dig into a workout. This is one habit that can still keep me on track. Also, I don’t ever have to worry about being undernourished. The body processes what it needs and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll go into starvation mode, even if I don’t consume a whole meal at dinner time. 

It gets easier the more often I do it. The holidays made it really tough, but now things are back to what I know as normal. Also, this is something that I can manage, long-term. 

Some days, I’ve actually had my last meal at 4pm and not eaten solids until after 6am the following day. That’s the true practice of “breaking the fast,” you think?

Hope this helps some of you who are trying different things and can feel overwhelmed. I learned it’s about the small adjustments that help us feel successful. 


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