30-Day Squat Challenge – Day 2

Increasing each set by one rep doesn’t sound like a big deal but It makes all the difference in results. This challenge proves the Law of Incremental Improvement: a little bit of effort in small installments will add up to exponential results.

Interesting thing about the squat challenge:It’s free. But a lot of people won’t do it or will quit, even if they’re healthy enough to take on the challenge. The price is sweat equity. Maybe it takes more out of someone to put work in than it is to just buy the results.These sets are more challenging today. Quads are sore from yesterday’s workout.

In the middle of sorting out bills, I get overwhelmed. Medical bills from cancer treatment. Overdue student loans for a degree I don’t have. I need a new thing to focus on. I’ll do a set and attack the paperwork again. Anything that distances me from anxiety is worth five sets of 11 squats.


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