Where God Fits Into My Fitness

This is a photo my daughter took of me in July. To be honest, I don’t like the way I look now. It’s the heaviest I’ve ever been and I look bloated.But I post these pictures to give me a sense of accountability that I want them to CHANGE!

I had to get really honest about how and why I want to lose this weight. I used to believe that the area of fitness was compartmentalized and I had to do more and try harder. Through my own life experiences and a deeper study of the Bible, I know that God can handle any of my goals, even that I take a different photo in 3 months!

I learned that God is mighty and is in control of everything. I can rely on Him and He is a tender God who cares about the little things. My weight and issues with fitness are “light” issues for Him. I was reminded that real change comes from Him!

I was approaching this endeavor with my own equipment:

My schedule:  How much time during the week will I have to work out?

My budget: How much can I reasonably afford out of my budget to pay for classes at the studio?

My discipline (not much of it): What can I do or stay away from, using my own will and discipline?

I learned that my own choices got me in the state I am today. So I can’t use the same method by relying on myself to change years and years of habits that got me into this situation in the first place.

I need something bigger, better and bolder to pull me out. I learned that God is a sufficient source and outcome for life decisions. My approach changed to using a system that seeks God first in my health choices.

His Word: I’m praying about verses in the Bible that I can memorize to help me when I make choices about meals, exercise and sleep.

His Promise: I believe that God wants me to be fit and to maintain the best possible level of physical, emotional and intellectual health. I can let go of the anxiety of never reaching this goal because He has promised that He has a plan for my life and He hears my prayer.

His Care: Hasn’t God gotten me through darker times? He has placed me in a position to be healthy enough to assess my goals and to have the wisdom and zeal to put Him first in this effort. I can trust in His care and love for me.

If you’re reading this and you’re not sure where God is in your life, but you want to make real and lasting changes in your health, then  please consider e-mailing me or contacting a nearby church to show you that God loves you and cares about you.


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