Not Enough Sleep = Eating to Stay Awake, 7pm dilemma

I wake up at 5am on some days. If I don’t enough sleep, most likely from working late the night before, I will munch and snack to stay awake. I’m learning that not getting enough sleep will actually make me gain weight. I don’t have enough energy throughout the day and I don’t think as clearly. When I finally got my head around the idea that sleeping will help me maintain me lose weight, I started making sleep a bigger priority.

I don’t get 8hrs. I’m skating in the 6-7hr area. But I try to nap in the afternoon, which isn’t ideal but my fatigue seems to cycle back for about 3 days every few weeks.

When I’m stressed, usually about my finances, I tend to wake up earlier. My best remedy is prayer.
I don’t take sleeping pills or drink calming teas. I am working on not eating too close to bedtime.

My weekly dilemma is when I want to get more done and it’s 7pm. I’m tired and I feel like going to bed but it just seems too early and I won’t know if I have time the following day to get my work done. This is probably where I’m so tired that I’m not thinking clearly anymore.

So I have a cup of coffee to get me through the next couple of hours. I’m noticing that I either jumble through the rest of my to-do list or I get one or two things done but I don’t feel a significant jump in my progress. It really doesn’t seem worth losing sleep, once I view this cycle from the outside.

I know I’ve gotten enough sleep when I wake up and I can work faster.


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