I learned about how some ppl are very sensitive to gluten and eating it can basically make them crazy. I decided to try to go gluten-free. Though I’m not 100%, I’m eating more stuff that is gluten-free.

I tried this for two reasons:

I wanted to decrease feeling lethargic after eating starches. I had a more noticeable reaction to it after treatment.

I also wanted to see if gluten-free could would be easier on my digestive system. I found that hard starches gave me problems when I would have to empty out. Popcorn, certain breads and Clif bars were common factors in my diet when I would have difficulties.

I’ve had gluten-free bread – brown rice bread. It feels heavier when you lift it, so it gives you the impression it’s a dense bread. It’s actually spongy when you eat it. Gluten-free nacho chips from Trader Joe’s: yum! Crispy, cheesy and no MSG, unlike Doritos. No weird queasy feeling either, which is what MSG usually gives me.

Gluten-free may not have significant effects but I know it won’t hurt me. If I start cooking gluten-free stuff, then that would be a cool graduation for me.

Throwin up the G sign? for Gluten-free.




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