Giving Up McDonalds

This is gonna suck. 

I usually get the iced mochas with nonfat milk. 

For one week, I will try and substitute it with having mocha drinks at home. I was getting the International Delight Iced mochas in a carton. But bec it has milk, it usually makes me bloated —> not sexy. 

Fun alternative is a root beer float with coffee bean ice cream instead of vanilla. I use Trader Joe’s coffee bean blast ice cream and Hansens Creamy Root Beer. Root beer is caffeine free. I still get that cold coffee flavored drink without the bloatedness. The ice cream has milk but it’s a small enough serving that it doesn’t fight with me. 

Plus, this will save me money. What I spend on a six pack of root beer and a container of ice cream is far less than what I spend in one month on the mocha rewards from McD’s.


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