hip hop 90sDANCE brings me joy  * escape * peace * strength * freedom *

redemption * prayer * courage*

It removes me from cancer. From the embarrassment of questionable relationships. From the dilemma of sad sad life.

I fell into dance. In high school, I needed a P.E. credit. I couldn’t run or throw/catch a ball.  I danced and I managed not to hurt myself. I wasn’t athletic. But dance was something I could do.

I learned to accept that God blessed me with the gift of movement, to be able to coordinate my body with fluid motion.

I danced in high school dance production and was President in my senior year. I was voted “Most Likely to be an Army Drill Sergeant” and “Most Inspirational” in dance. ENIMAGE1335168108693.jpg


I studied hula under a world renowned Kumu Hula, Kunewa Mook, and I have performed hula and Tahitian dances. I have a  background in hip-hop and can dance the salsa, merengue, cumbia, cha-cha, waltz.

I like having the opportunity to be able to create a different fitness experience and explore other types of dance. I want a better body than when I was in high school, dancing three to four hours a day. I was flexible but I wasn’t strong.


I enjoyed practice more than I did performing. Coach John Wooden, when he retired, commented that he missed the practices the most. Not so much the games, but the practices. That’s how I feel. 

The practices were about the effort to get better at the dance – the angle and execution of the movement and to be able to blend the sequence together to form its own expression.

It wasn’t about the shows or costumes, even though they were like icing on the cake. It was about putting in the work and pushing yourself to get better than you were before.

Any open floor space will send my mind reeling to how it could be used for dancing. I’m a pain if you’re going to watch a dance performance with me – I will yell, cheehoo, narrate and comment on what I’m seeing. I can’t help it. It just makes me say something.

Zumba Sculpt

I like watching other people dance and discover their own motion and rhythm. The dance becomes their own process of unraveling their uniqueness. That becomes poetry in motion.





On average, I dance twice a week. Each workout is half cardio/dance/Zumba and half working with weights. Getting to the studio has helped me stay calm and get mentally sharper.

Owning a dance studio is on my wish list. But for now, I’m working on staying active. 



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