Starting point: 142lbs

This weight might not seem like a lot. But for me, this is the heaviest I have been while not pregnant. I am barely 5ft tall and this weight puts me in a red zone for diabetes, especially bec it runs in my family, both mom and dad’s sides.

I am still within my first year of recovering from cancer treatment, which included major surgery, low-dose chemotherapy and radiation treatment. My all-time low during recovery was 132lbs. I gained that weight back and I feel the difference. I feel heavier, clumsier and that feeling makes recovery even more challenging. I don’t feel fit and it makes me feel unattractive.

I am beginning my journey to an ideal weight around the 124lb range, give or take 3lbs. That is the weight I was before I was pregnant and it’s still well under what I’ve been weighing for the last ten years.

I’m not a health nut. I don’t exercise too often (yet) and I’m below average when it comes to researching foods. But I am a real single mom who works 1.23 jobs and does groceries on a limited budget. I won’t be doing a crazy weight loss  regimen because I want to lose the weight and keep it off permanently so I’ve given myself permission to lose it slowly.

I realize that there are a lot of lifestyle changes that are really underneath how I want to lose this weight. I’ve had to live with a lot of habits for a long time and reprogramming what I’m used to doing to something new and to do it consistently will take work, prayer and a wicked sense of humor.

So this is where I start. Hello, World. I’m at 142. Walk with me and let’s begin.


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